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Squats: Are They Really That Important?

These days, it seems like everyone “already knows” how important squats are.

And yet, it’s still incredibly rare to see anyone performing full squats in most gyms. And it’s even more rare to see someone working HARD with the barbell… Read more

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Discovering the Power of Powerlifting

“I’m always up for breaking records; it just depends on what kind of mood the weights are in!” – Connor Dantzler, teen World and Pan-American powerlifting champion.

I discovered powerlifting completely by accident. My dad and I were… Read more

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Metabolic Typing: Building Vibrant Health – Part 3

I am a human being.  I am a white Caucasian.  I am a male.  I am an American citizen.  I have blonde hair and blue/green eyes.  I am 68 inches tall and weigh 175 pounds.

I am a protein-type.  In my ANS, I am parasympathetic dominant.  In my … Read more

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How to Lose Weight and Enjoy the Food You Love

Television advertisers depend on it, fashion magazines editors include it on every page, and the media remind us with news stories. They all remind us that thinner is better and if you are overweight, it is your fault.  Every day we hear about… Read more

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The Peary Rader Solution For Size And Strength

Many of today’s trainees suffer from the notion that you have to put in hours of training, several times a week, to pack on real size. This might be true … if you desperately want to be the next Mr. Olympia, and if you have access to the… Read more

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Metabolic Typing: Building Vibrant Health – Part 2

No two people are alike.  Enter Metabolic Typing®, or what I like to call common sense.  In the 1930’s, Weston Price discovered, by visiting many parts of the world, that there was a link between modern eating habits and the degree of chronic… Read more

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Old School Westside Barbell Training

Old School Westside Barbell Training.

Old school Westside Percentage Training.

Week 1: 70% x 8×3
Week 2: 75% x 8×3
Week 3: 80% x 6×3
Week 4: 85% x 5×2
Week 5: 80%x2, 85%x2, 90%x2

Week 1 – 15 singles @ 65%
Week … Read more

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