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Analyzing Powerlifting Meet Performance, Building Future Strength

The powerlifting meet is done. Now what? It’s time to look at what you did right and wrong, and formulated a plan to more forward and build strength.


6 Powerlifting Tactics Which Will Transform Your Training

The old cliché goes that bodybuilders are too busy rubbing their bodies in baby oil and squeezing themselves into a thong to build any real, functional strength while powerlifters are fat, lazy morons who are to dunderheaded to understand how…


Is Powerlifting Physically Debilitating?

This article is by Fred Ashford, aka Sandbox from the Muscle and Brawn forum. Trending opinions come and go in our society – powerlifting included. This summer I read several columns, blogs and articles feeding a current powerlifting opinion: that…


Build a Bigger Squat by Using Proper Assistance Work

This article by Jonathan Byrd from the MAB forum. I have said countless times that there are thousands of ways to get strong, but some ways are just more efficient than others. In my opinion a lot of progress is…


Squat and Deadlift Singles Routine

Combining the squat and deadlift on the same training day works well for the average lifter. Lifters with superior genetics will not need as long to recover from hip and low back training and can squat and deadlift heavy on…


10/20/Life’s Brian Carroll Talks Powerlifting

Build strength beyond your wildest dreams with Brian Carroll’s best-selling training book 10/20/Life. Powerlifting is a great sport for anyone to compete in whether you are an elite athlete or someone who is interested in beating their personal records. If you…


Box Squats For A Bigger Squat

by Garry Benford My primary reason for expounding on the routine that I’m about to give is that my training squat of 505 as a 181 pounder increased to a present (1982) best of 660 at 198 through its use…