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31 Workout & Fitness Motivation Sayings Applied To Heavy Drinking


You’ve all seen the endless workout and fitness motivational sayings plastered across Facebook and Tumblr ad nauseum. Well it’s time for a change.

These demotivational images take some of the most popular motivational quotes… Read more

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You Know You’re Bulking When…


You know you’re bulking when…

  1. You crap twice a day.
  2. The hot cashier suddenly thinks you’re a pig because all the food you bought isn’t for a party, merely for your heavy squat day…
  3. If your gas can gag a maggot and
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What Does Percentage Of One Rep Max Mean?


What does it mean when a workout calls for you to lift at a certain percentage of your one rep max (also listed as 1RM)? Let’s take a look…

Your one rep max is the most weight you can perform on any given lift for ONLY a single rep. A one … Read more

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100 Reasons Why You Might Be A Gym Asshole


You might be a gym asshole if…

  1. If you put 242 plates on the leg press and perform 1/8 reps while screaming.
  2. You pose in the mirror in-between sets.
  3. You do alternating curls with 20# DB and grunt with each curl, looking around to see if anyone
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How To Get Strong Fast By Maximizing Every Set


We all know most people make things more complicated than they need to be. This is just as true for strength training as it is for any other aspect of life.

When it comes to increasing strength, I don’t believe beginning to intermediate… Read more

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A Surefire Way To Increase Your Grip Strength


At first you’ll love this tip, then you might hate this tip. Let me explain.

Most of us want more grip strength. It becomes frustrating when a dumbbell starts to slip during rows, or we fail to hit a deadlift PR (personal record) because … Read more

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The Muscle Building Secret That The Volume-Obsessed Won’t Want To Hear


If you love to train using heavy volume then you probably won’t like what I’m about to say. Here it is anyway:

Training volume isn’t as important as training time.

What do I mean? It takes time to build muscle and strength. … Read more

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