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A Look At Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Eating Habits

A review of Arnold‘s diet shows that the fundamentals of eating really haven’t changed much in the last 30 years, at least for those at the top. “I don’t want to get too comfortable. I’d rather stay hungry.” – Arnold Schwarzenegger Times have changed…


Weight Gain: 3 Important Factors

by Robert Kennedy Gaining weight is a very real problem to many weight trainers, especially those in he early stages of bodybuilding. Many believe that there is a closely guarded secret which enables only a few ‘in the know’ to…


Building Muscle Over The Age of 40

By Ed Giuliani. For want of a better word, Eddie Giuliani is a veteran. He’s been competing in physique shows for 20 years, improving constantly and learning bodybuilding in a manner that cannot be achieved with less than 20 years of…


How to Develop Your Grip Strength

We all know that it is imperative to have a strong grip when lifting weights or in daily life to have the ability to grip objects safely. But what is the best way to produce gains in strength for this…


10/20/Life’s Brian Carroll Talks Powerlifting

Build strength beyond your wildest dreams with Brian Carroll’s best-selling training book 10/20/Life. Powerlifting is a great sport for anyone to compete in whether you are an elite athlete or someone who is interested in beating their personal records. If you…


HIT Training Frequency and Volume

Article by Dave Groscup, IART/Med-Ex HIT Trainer One often-misunderstood ingredient in a bodybuilder’s training program is the correct dosage of exercise needed for optimal muscle growth. In other words, the question of number of sets and reps and how often to train….


How Important is Muscular Contraction During Training?

Article by Dave Groscup, IART/Med-Ex HIT Trainer As you stroll through gyms and observe trainees of all types and persuasions, you will encounter many different methods of training. You will also observe terrible exercise form used in the exercises, such as barbells…