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Superslow HIT Training for Fast Muscle Gains

Arthur Jones, inventor of the famous Nautilus Machines, was also responsible for the popularity of HIT, High Intensity Training during the 70’s. He organized the Colorado Experiment to demonstrate the effectiveness of this form of bodybuilding, training Casey Viator in…


VIDEO – Complete Look At German Volume Training

German Volume Training is broken down and explained. Learn more about this popular workout system and if it’s right for you. This feature includes a link to a new GVT workout.


Squat and Deadlift Singles Routine

Combining the squat and deadlift on the same training day works well for the average lifter. Lifters with superior genetics will not need as long to recover from hip and low back training and can squat and deadlift heavy on…


How to Build an Award Winning Six Pack

One of the hallmarks of complete physique development is having six pack abs. You can pound away at the weights but if you have weak ab development or a coating of fat around it , you won’t be winning a…


Building Muscle Size & Power Using Forced Reps

Editor’s Note: Marvin Eder, unique and unparalleled paragon of superhuman strength and physique, who inspired Bill “Peanuts” West, Pat Casey, and all of today’s power champions with his fantastic feats of strength far back in the 1950’s, when such power…


Blasting the Triceps for Massive Arms

Article by Dave Groscup, IART/Med-Ex HIT Trainer For those bodybuilding enthusiasts who are looking to add measurable size to their arms- and who isn’t-there are some facts that are undeniable. First of all, it makes no sense to do set after set…


Bombing the Biceps With High Intensity Training

Article by Dave Groscup, IART/Med-Ex HIT Trainer The Biceps are the most trained muscle group and are the standard when it comes to demonstrating muscular development. Just ask any bodybuilder to show you their muscle and they will no doubt flex their…