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Weight Training: Keep it Simple

Complexity. In an effort to carve a niche in the weight training industry (primarily the Internet weight training industry), every Joe Schmoe from here to Cambodia has introduced a great new training system that is sure to give you incredible… Read more

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Women: Avoid These Weight Training Mistakes

So, you want to get into shape? And you’ve heard that resistance training is an amazing way to tone up your body. You’ve purchased your gym membership, and want to make sure you maximize your results. Before you start pumping iron,… Read more

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Peyton Manning’s Training Routine

They say you can judge a man’s character by the way he handles defeat. But you can learn just as much about a man and his heart by looking at how he responds to success and the accomplishment of his ultimate goals.

We’ve all witnessed a Super… Read more

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Female Bodybuilders

Female Bodybuilders. There are a lot of myths about female bodybuilders. It is often believed that most female bodybuilders look as big and muscular as male bodybuilders. Not true. There is also the stereotype that all female bodybuilders… Read more

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Dave Tate Biography

Dave Tate

Website: Elite FTS


Dave Tate is the founder and CEO of Elite Fitness Systems. Dave has been involved with powerlifting for nearly 25 years. He is an elite lifter in three weight classes, and his best lifts are a 935 squat, 740… Read more

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Strength Training with Steve Nash

As the steely-eyed General of the Phoenix Suns, Steve Nash rules the court without the slightest hint of caution in his game. Whether fighting through a pick, absorbing an errant elbow to the ribs, or hitting the floor after one of his commandingRead more

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German Volume Training

German Volume Training

Is your training stuck in a rut? Desperate for an intense routine that will blast your body into new levels of mass and strength? Be careful what you wish for…because German Volume Training is your dream come true,… Read more

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