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Getting Down and Dirty…Gaining Muscle Mass the Real World Way

Most bodybuilders are obsessive compulsive. They tend to believe that you must eat clean food all of the time, at every feeding. And of course, we know that this “clean eating” involves a lot of chicken breasts, broccoli, and rice.… Read more

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The Crusher, a Bodybuilding Routine for Bodybuilders who love to Max on Deadlifts and Squats

Love to max on deadlift and squat? Finding it hard to incorporate heavy deadlift and squat training into your bodybuilding routine? Well, do I got a solution for you. I call this bodybuilding routine the Crusher.

The Crusher allows you to lift… Read more

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Estimating Calorie Needs for Bodybuilding Cutting, Bulking and Maintenance

Caloric needs. There are numerous methods to estimate daily caloric needs for bodybuilding. Please remember that every method is simply that…a method to estimate your needs. The numbers from this article are merely guidelines; a … Read more

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The First Key to Old School Success: Eat Like A King

The First Key to Old School Success: Eat like a King, by Tim Donahey

Many people initially blame their workout routine for their lack of muscle growth when they should be blaming their diet.  If you aren’t gaining weight then even the … Read more

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Exercise Benefits Cardiovascular Disease

More evidence has surfaced revealing that exercise benefits cardiovascular disease. The European Heart Health Charter released a list of 8 preventive and rehabilitative measures. Exercise was shown to assist rehabilitation, along with… Read more

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Are the Benefits of Exercise Overblown?

Are the benefits of exercise overblown? That is the question being asked by Susan B. Roberts in her recent article, The Exercise Myth. Here are a few choice excerpts…

The drumbeat of get moving to lose weight has gotten so loud that almost

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The No Bull Guide To Losing Weight And Toning Up

It seems like every one is a fitness and diet guru. Don’t believe me? Do a search on Twitter, and you’ll find an army of experts. And nearly every one of these experts has a different opinion on how you can lose weight and get toned up.… Read more

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