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Why Powerlifting? Do It For You

This article was written by Jonathan Byrd, author of the eBook BIG: “Rapidly increase your strength using the BIG strength training system created by top ranked powerlifter Jonathan Byrd.”

If you have powerlifted for any … Read more

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Training Frequency and Muscle Building: Huge Gainer Round Table #1

This is the first addition of out expert “Huge Gainer” round table series. Our panel includes:

  • Mark Lobliner – Marc is currently MTS Nutrition CEO, EthiTech Nutrition CEO, Wilkins Fitness Commercial Vertical
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Interview with Squat Monster Joe Norman

Please check out these great books by Joe Norman:

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HICT 7 Minute Workout? Get Real, And Get Results

The latest magical hype swirling around the fitness corner of the Internet is the concept of the “HICT 7 minute workout.” The concept is simple: use only 12 bodyweight exercises over the course of 7 minutes in a high intensity manner… Read more

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Powerlifter Rob Palmer Interview

Faheem Chauhan (Fazc) interviews Powerlifter Rob Palmer for Muscle and Brawn.

FC: Rob thanks for doing this interview with us. Let’s take this from the start; from what I understand you’ve been Powerlifting for a relatively … Read more

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Westside Training Overview

Now to get started the Westside methods are unusual to most. They put Strength, Power, and Hypertrophy phases all together into one routine. The reason these phases are together is because to be strong you need to have power and strength at the… Read more

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Interview With Pro Strongman Ryan Bracewell

First off, give the readers a bit of history about yourself.

I’m married, working on kids right now. I own Nutrition Depot and The Asylum Gym, both located in Kingwood, Texas.

How did you get into strongman?

Like many people I watched World’s… Read more

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