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Mr. Miyagi School Of Muscle Building

Do you spend a lot of time helping other lifters? I’m going to share a training secret with you that will help you figure out who is serious and who is going to waste a lot of your time. I…


19 Amazing Before & After Bodybuilding Transformations

Ever wonder what your favorite bodybuilders looked like before they maximized their swoleness? Were they truly genetically blessed, or did they have to fight for every pound and ounce of muscle? The following 19 before and after images present the…


Front Shoulder Training Guide & Workouts

The front shoulders, also referred to as the front delts (or deltoids), are known in anatomy as the anterior deltoids. The front delt head is one of three fiber groups that make up the muscle we know as the shoulder….


Bulk Failure – What Your Muscle Building Plan Is Missing

Does the following sound like you? You’ve read all the articles, sought out experienced lifters and asked for advice, refined your diet, maximized your training routine, are taking the basic supplements yet…you can’t build muscle. Before I tell you what…


Power Shrug Hell – Build Your Traps And Deadlift

Looking for an intense but fun trap workout that will also help build your deadlift pulling power? Look no further. I call this program power shrug hell. On paper it looks simple, but in the gym it will work you…


How To Gain Muscle: My Two “Magic” Secrets

Muscle building can seem like an incredibly frustrating process. On one hand you have the 5% of lifters who appear to make it look easy. On the other hand, you have the rest of the pack who for the life…


6 Pillars Of Strength & Muscle Building Success

I don’t believe in magic training systems. Some workouts are better than others. There is no doubt about that. But for every lifter that is successfully using a reputable program, there are many, many more that fail. It goes without…