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C-Bol by ThermoLife


c-bolThis is muscle and flow: Every fiber sailing on a phosphocreatine resynthesizing wind and surfing on a vasodilatory swell as it contracts against resistance. Half a dozen permeation enhanced ingredients falling in to the attack, cutting through myocellular waters deeper and faster than anything before. Tearing fatigue limb from limb before metabolizing the wretched pieces and sprinting back to recollect your muscular force and fame. All repetitions ending tight, the heaviest of weights feeling light, every pump backed with anabolic might.

From ThermoLife, the industry source of the highest-end body-building nutracologicals, comes C-BOL™. A boldy experimental formula intended to support maximum contractile performance, pump on demand vasodilation and dual protein / glycogen anabolism, all acting in synergy to give you greater mass and performance no matter what the training challenge. Driven by half a dozen strategically placed, pharmacologically active nutrients (nutracologicals) including Creatine Nitrate (United States patent protected vasodianabolic agent), Orotic Acid (glycoanabolic) and N-Acetyl-Cysteine (membranepermeable nitric oxide extender).

World’s First Vasodianabolic™ Mass-Performance Creatine Formula:

  • Immediate Strength Gains
  • Massive Muscle Growth
  • Superior Absorption
  • Exploding Pumps

*All ingredients present in pharmacologically significant amounts for pharmacological effects. A Trademark distinction of ThermoLife formulas.

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