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Built By Iron Clothing: Anything But Agony

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Built By Iron clothing lists its new line of t-shirts for hardcore bodybuilders and lifters as Agony Red, and Agony White. But they are anything but agony.

I’m not usually one to rave about t-shirts. Heck, I’ve been a fashion victim all my life. But after receiving my Agony Red t-shirt from Built By Iron, I just had to give them some love.

The t-shirts come in red, white and black, and are 100% cotton and hand distressed. Yes, boys and girls…the t-shirts are hand distressed. As in, no two t-shirts from Built By Iron are the same.

My Red Agony shirt looks bold and aggressive, and has a super soft feel. In fact, it is so soft that my wife has now laid claim to the t-shirt and is using it as a nightie.

A couple more things that really caught my eye about Built By Iron clothing…there are no tags on the back of the neck, and they are made in the USA.

Built By iron

If you’re looking for some quality clothing to match your love for the iron, please head over to Built By Iron. The clothing is quality, the shipping was fast, and the customer service was outstanding.

Good quality and good service are a dying pair, and Built By Iron clothing deserves credit for providing both.

For more information on Built By Iron Products, please visit their website.

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