Box Squat Questions


Philos Geek…Are box squats worse for the knees then regular squats? I’ve been told that box squats train the hamstring and glutes mores then regular squats. Because my quadriceps aren’t getting hit as hard, won’t my knees take a beating?

Muscle and Brawn…Proper form is the best cure for squatting woes. If you want to stay as injury free as possible while squatting, you need to learn proper form. Box squats teach proper form. Don’t fear the box squat.

Grim Reaper…What are the benefits of the box squat?

Muscle and Brawn…There are two primary benefits to box squatting. First, box squats teach you proper form. Second, box squats help with explosive power out of the hole.

Grundl…Are box squats good for teenagers? I’ve been told that by putting a lot of weight on my back and shoulders that I could stunt my growth.

Muscle and Brawn…That old myth still circulates, stronger then ever, Weight lifting does not stunt growth, in any way, shape or form. Yes, box squats are fine for teenagers.

Baseball Nut…What is the best way to cycle squats and box squats? Should I do squats one day, and then box squats the next?

Muscle and Brawn…Sure, it’s OK to alternate different squat exercises. I can’t say that there’s a “best way” to train for strength. Some ways are better then others. When you’re new to strength training, it’s important to use the box squat as a teaching and power development tool.  As long as you’re box squatting a couple times a month, you’re on the right track.

Bushyboomboom23…I have a problem. I walk pigeon-toed. Should I be squatting with a different foot stance then the average lifter?

Muscle and Brawn…No, train the same way as everybody else. Feet slightly out, in a position that’s comfortable for you. You might feel weak as you begin your box squat training, but your body will adapt and get stronger.

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