Bodybuilding Supplement Review: RPM by Applied Nutriceuticals

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RPM by Applied Nutriceuticals mimics the mechanisms and effects of experimental pharmaceutical-grade compounds called SARMs (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators) which are being touted as a future class of drugs that will effectively replace traditional anabolic preparations due to their absence of negative side-effects.

The greatest part is that all of this is accomplished using 100% safe herbal preparations in its ingredient profile. Results are noticed from the very first dose, plus RPM provides positive cumulative effects with continued use.

Claims vs. Personal Results:

  • Explosive energy without the jitters
    • Very smooth energy with no crash
  • Intense mental focus
    • This gave a surprisingly sharp increase in workout intensity.
  • Unparalleled pump
    • Pumps were pretty good, but not the best I’ve experienced.
  • Thermogenic fat metabolization
    • The ingredient profile looks very promising as a recomposition supplement.

For my weight, the sample pack advised to take 2-3 capsules. I know from my own experiences that I have a huge tolerance for stimulants…so I took all 5 on an empty stomach, 1 hour prior to training.


Energy was definitely up. I’ve been off all ‘hardcore’ stimulants for over a week now (ECA) and only having a coffee before training to give me a boost. The RPM replaced the coffee for today.

I was pretty much wired by the time I hit the gym! The energy buzz wasn’t stupidly strong (like ECA) but I was performing everything a lot faster and I felt very focused all the way through training.

This wouldn’t replace ECA for me in terms of energy (I think I’d adapt to it very fast, even at a high dosage), but it was nice as alternative to the coffee.


Strength was awesome this session.

I literally tore through my normal chest, triceps and forearms program (very high volume) making gains on every exercise. I could really explode the weights without too much effort, and when I reached muscle fatigue… believe me I had reached it!


Pumps were very nice and I’ve used several pre workout supplements in the past.  Comparatively, RPM lay somewhere in the middle. It wasn’t the best pump product I’ve had but certainly no slouch! My chest was nicely pumped very quickly into the session (just after my pushups to warm up) and stayed that way well after I’d finished.


This is where RPM really shone for me. I could not believe how little rest I needed between sets, cutting my normal rest in half (2 mins -> < 1 min). This was between super-setted exercises (flat dumbell press and flies) working in a heavy rep range (5 rep max). Normally I need every last second of that 2 min period to recover, today 1 min seemed like forever! Awesome stuff.


Aggression was definitely up.

Today I was definitely more focused and driven to push the weight harder. I was certainly in a ‘get the heck out of my way’ mood in the gym and it helped set a few more personal records.

Overall Thoughts

RPM ticks a lot of boxes in my book, strength, aggression, pumps and energy were all excellent for only one use.

I’d definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a boost in the gym, if you’re very tolerant to stimulants like me then it may not be the ultimate choice but I’d certainly not overlook this as a very affordable addition to pre-workout supplementation.

Effectiveness: 8.9 (mainly because I didn’t experience a full bottle of this product.)
Focus/Pumps: 9.1 (Very good pumps, decent focus)
Value: 9.5 (Priced very well for an effective product like this)
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