Bodybuilder Trey Brewer, Pillsbury Dough Boy?


Trey BrewerBodybuilder Trey Brewer is taking a lot of heat from bodybuilding forum posters over this recent picture. Posters are likening Trey to the Pillsbury Dough Boy, and a fat kid eating at McDonald’s.

Some of the comments include:

“Brewer looks like **** there.”

“Looks like f’n Uncle Fester.”

“I have yet to see Brewer hit a pose properly yet…Jesus.”

“I remember just a year or two ago when Trey was thought to be the next big thing since Ronnie. lmao. At least BSN made a few extra bucks off of him, and vis versa.”

“Trey reminds me of Santa.”

So is Trey Brewer overweight? Or does he look like every other professional bodybuilder in the off season? I say the latter answer.

Here’s a video of Trey Brewer from the 2007 Mr. Olympia.

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  • Cal Nov 24,2010 at 9:29 am

    People need to shut the hell up about this crap. Say what you want about Trey Brewer off season, in the end the guy is one of the most talked about amateurs for a reason. Yes, he was expected to have his pro card by now, but isn’t there someone else who was expected to make great leaps early on? Oh yeah, he’s the current Mr. Olympia now. Quit giving shit to a guy who trains his ass off. In the end, every bodybuilder whether he is a beginner or a competitor, all goes through his struggles. Trey is a classic endomorph and he knows it. He knows what to do for a contest, he just hasn’t quite hit his conditioning right. Still, he is bigger and stronger than damn near any other bodybuilder out there. Keep the negative shit to yourselves guys. Bodybuilding isn’t about gossip, its about work and respect. Take a page out of Trey’s book and do what works for you. You’re all gonna start praising him and denying you ever said shit when he’s a top pro and you decide to jump on the positivity band wagon. Trey is the shit. Leave it at that.

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