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Bodybuilder Bob Paris 15 Muscle Building Tips For Beginners

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1. Training with weights is much more than just swinging weights around.  In order to be successful and avoid injury, you must learn to feel muscles being focused on.

2. Perfect exercise form is more important to your progress than lifting the heaviest weight you can pick up.

3. The combination of weight training, aerobics, good nutrition and motivational exercises is synergistic — the outcome from the combination far exceeds the result that would be experienced if any of the elements were left out.

4.  Dietary supplements cannot make up for a poor diet.  You must first develop a clean, balanced eating strategy that suits your goals and metabolism.  Follow it diligently before even considering adding supplementation.

5. If you break you workout or nutrition plan, you should get right back on track.  You shouldn’t beat yourself up over it.  Just pick up where you left off and move on.

6. There are several different ways to grow stronger in your workouts. Increasing the amount of weight used is only one.

7. All of your goals for a flawless body should be rooted in the reality of your body structure and your ability to invest time and effort.

8. You’ve learned how to visualize your flawless body in action.  That vision is the drawing board on which you can sketch further images of success.

9. “Just do it now” is a personal rallying cry that will get you to push forward when you feel like doing anything else in the world rather than training and eating clean.

10. Through perfecting your exercise form, you’ve learned the difference between appropriate pain, such as the burn in the muscle, and injurious pain.

11. Positive affirmation cards can plant emotional success messages. The process has begun to replace negative body images with high self-esteem.

12. You know now that you can do it.  You have the ability to physically control your body through exercise and nutrition.

13. Rest and recuperation are as essential to your gains as the exercise itself.

14. Yo-yo, crash dieting never works.

15. You’ve learned to use positive failure as a guideline for when a set is complete.  You’ve used focus and concentration to give your fullest power to each set.

Excerpt from Flawless, by Bob Paris p.151-152

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