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Bill Goldberg Workout Routine

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Professional wrestler Bill Goldberg at one point used the following workout routine to build his muscle mass and power.

Day 1

  • Heavy Cleans
  • Light Snatches
  • Olympic Squats
  • Weighted Back Extensions
  • Neck Braces

Day 2

  • Heavy Snatches
  • Light Cleans
  • Close-Grip Incline Barbell Press
  • Weighted Dips
  • Neck Braces

Day 3

  • Behind The Neck Push Presses
  • T-Bar Rows
  • Weighed Close-Grip Pull-Ups
  • Standing Sit-Ups

Day 4

  • High Pulls
  • Military Press
  • Dumbell Clean and Press
  • Decline Dumbell Press
  • Standing Sit-Ups

Bill Goldberg workout notes:

  • Bill Goldberg never trained longer than one hour per session.
  • He drank up to 15 bottles off water per day.
  • Bill’s diet was extremely high in protein, but low in fat.
  • Sleep and naps are a very part of the equation for Goldberg.
Bill Goldberg Workout Routine, 4.2 out of 5 based on 14 ratings


  1. This would be better with the sets and reps.

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  2. How many reps and sets? …..Rest between sets?……

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  3. please send me goldbergs workout and diet routine in my email, thanks

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  4. I want to build a chest like Goldberg

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  5. Im a big goldberg fan,can you please send me his weekly workout and diet thanks

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  6. goldberg wasa a punk sissy with 0 traps!

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  7. Please send me routines.

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  8. Pls send me workout routine bill Goldberg in my id

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