Barbell Drag Curls

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Begin by gripping a barbell with your palms facing up just like you were going to perform a standard barbell curl. Next, move your elbows back so that they are almost behind your back. Now, curl the bar up but keep your elbows back; this is what will give this movement the drag feeling. As you go back your elbows will actually move further back, but you do not have to think about this. Just make sure you do not allow your elbows to move forward. Continue to curl the bar up until you can no longer curl it. Next, return the barbell to the starting position, but make sure you keep the barbell close to your body on the descent.

Barbell Drag Curls Exercise Information
Muscle Group: Biceps
Secondary Muscles: Forearms
Movement Group: Isolation Exercise
Required Equipment: Barbell

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