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Fat Loss: 3 Tips To Help With Your Belly Fat

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This article was contributed by guest trainer Mike Chang who specializes in helping men lose belly fat and get defined abs. To learn more from Mike, watch his free video at One of the most common questions that I get…

Nutritional Tips For Building Muscle

Like this article? Click here to discover how you can add up to 35 pounds of pure muscle in the next 12 weeks. Nutrition is the most important part of the bodybuilding lifestyle, yet the majority of people out there…

3 Tips for Fat Loss, or “How to Look Sexy”

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Article by Nick Gardner, aka JacktheThriller from the Muscle and Brawn forum. I see hoards of people come to the gym with one goal in mind, fat loss. They can be categorized into two types. Type I, utterly fail at…


Your First Powerlifting Meet

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Advice from powerlifter Al Brown (LtL on the forum) to another forum member regarding his first powerlifting meet. I would train as per your plan. Go reasonably heavy in the last singles session, maybe up to an opener or a…


Exposing the Bodybuilding Myth: 30g Limit on Protein Per Meal

This article was written by Bruteforce, from the Muscle and Brawn forum. We all know the dogma. “Bro, your body can only handle 30 grams of protein in one sitting. Anything else is just a waste. You gotta eat like…


3 Super-Duper Foods to Get Your Six Pack on Track

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Hey y’all, today I am bringing you six of my favorite foods that will help put you on the fast track to getting your six pack on, uh… track. (Insert awkward silence here for my repeated rhyming.) Moving on! If…


How to Get A Six Pack — a Simple 3 Step Plan

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Ah yes, the much longed-for six pack. We are bombarded with images of it in almost every movie, every magazine and every TV show we see. People put them on their Facebook profile, and spend thousands of dollars on crazy…