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Strength Building Workouts

Mori’s Monster 2 Day Per Week Squat Program

This article was written by Rob Mori from the Muscle and Brawn forum.

When you use this squat cycle, remember that the whole point is to build up your squats. I squatted heavy 2 times a week (Monday and Fridays).

This routine is going to force your… Read more

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Training Frequency and Muscle Building: Huge Gainer Round Table #1

This is the first addition of out expert “Huge Gainer” round table series. Our panel includes:

  • Mark Lobliner – Marc is currently MTS Nutrition CEO, EthiTech Nutrition CEO, Wilkins Fitness Commercial Vertical Manager,
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Bulking General Diet Nutrition Nutrition Articles

Brotein Bro – Cheap Protein Sources

This article is by BruteForce from the  Muscle and Brawn Forum.

How much protein a day do you need? I’m not asking what the government or some pencil necked nutritionist says. I’m asking what you, the athlete, the bodybuilder, the powerlifter,… Read more

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Muscle Building

Health and Bodybuilding: 8 Tips to Help You Look and Feel Good

(Un)common Sense: Simple Thoughts for Complex People

Beauty is Only Skin Deep

By: Elliot Reimers

If you’re in terra incognita when it comes to the International Federation of Body Building (IFBB), I’ll give you the gist of it – genetic… Read more

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3 Novice Weight Training Mistakes You’re Probably Making

By Kuytrider from the Muscle and Brawn forum.

As this article doesn’t have a fancy title such as ‘6 weeks to huge arms’ or ‘12 weeks to being ripped’, it probably won’t generate as much interest as much of the dross that is endemic in this industry.… Read more

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Muscle Building Strength Training

Meat And Potatoes Training – An Effective Method Of Designing Your Workouts

This article was written by miked96 from the Muscle and Brawn forum.

I have trained all my life in some form or fashion and have tried everything, from Cybergenics to EDT. Through experimentation I have found some simple ways to design your… Read more

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Muscle Building

Don’t Be A 165 Pound Weakling – A Rally For The Strong

This article was written by miked96 from the Muscle and Brawn forum.

I wanted to address something that really gets on my nerves, and is one of the key things I believe in about getting bigger and stronger. I don’t know where it started, but for … Read more

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