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Franco Columbu 14 Day Workout Routine and Diet

Franco Columbu

Franco Columbu is a two-time Mr. Olympia, taking home the title in both 1976 and 1981. He was also know as perhaps the first powerbuilder. His best lifts include:

  • 525 pound bench press
  • 655 pound squat
  • 750 pound deadlift

Franco Columbu also competed… Read more

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Strongman Training for Improved Muscle Thickness

Strongman Muscle

I’m sure you’ve all read the latest article on the popular muscle building sites about how to develop a fuller, thicker back with “these 2 NEW maximal hypertrophy igniting muscle shocking lifts!” The title lures you in, but when you get inside,… Read more

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How to Become a Strongman Competitor | Training & Conditioning Basics

Strongman Deadlift

The first step to becoming a competitive strongman is to build a solid foundation of strength, but there are also some other important factors.

Strongman is not just about absolute strength or your one rep max; you also need strength endurance,… Read more

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HIT Variables To Build Incredible Muscle Size!

High Intensity Training

My previous articles have outlined many different training routines and techniques to increase muscle size and strength using the HIT, or High Intensity Protocol. This article continues that with a focus on outlining some of the many diverse… Read more

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Powerlifting Articles

Analyzing Powerlifting Meet Performance, Building Future Strength

By Fred Ashford from the MAB Forum.

The meet’s over. This wasn’t your greatest lifting day. You are eager to get back to the gym. But, get back and do what?

The week after a powerlifting meet is a great time to reflect on what went right, what went … Read more

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6 Powerlifting Tactics Which Will Transform Your Training

The old cliché goes that bodybuilders are too busy rubbing their bodies in baby oil and squeezing themselves into a thong to build any real, functional strength while powerlifters are fat, lazy morons who are to dunderheaded to understand … Read more

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Methods to Stimulate New Muscle Growth

Have you ever noticed that muscle growth slows to a screeching halt even though you continue to train hard each and every workout? Week in and week out you train harder and harder but have little or nothing to show for all of your efforts.

The problem… Read more

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