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Rock Rannick is the contributing content writer for Muscle and Brawn. Rock is a veteran of several bodybuilding shows, and is practitioner of Heavy Ass Training.
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6 Ways To Fail At Weight Training

joe weider

Hi friends and neighbors! It’s time once again for me to shit in your bowl of Corn Flakes!

Now listen, I’m not trying to be mean. I’m not trying to be a booger head or a bully. I just want to see you get ed-u-ma-cated. And sometimes… Read more

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Lat Pulldowns Suck: 6 Back Exercises For Real Muscle

This just in…
Lat pulldowns suck. The end.

Did I just burst your bubble? Are you sad, and about to whimper? Are you now thinking back to all those lovely sets of lat pulldowns you did this week, after you were curling in the squat rack? And … Read more

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4 Ways to Get Freaking Huge

Time To Get Swole

Man, do I have some magical, mystical, muscle building advice for you today. But I know – you’re extremely skeptical. You’re waiting for the bullcrap; to be let down by some cool sounding training system… Read more

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Beast Mode: How to Become a Hardcore Squatter

It’s time to put aside the bullshit and get under the bar. Ready? Who cares if you’re ready – it’s time to squat!

If you want to be hardcore – not the type of “hardcore” that involves wearing Under… Read more

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Building Blocks of Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding is a pursuit which attracts a lot of different styles and approaches. Some are great and will produce fantastic results; others will only lead to a lot pain and potential injury. With over twenty years of active participation … Read more

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Bodybuilding and Sleep: Are You Resting Enough?

Naturally the strength pyramid has three sides – training, nutrition and rest. Many athletes, even those who are incredibly focused on growing and developing muscle, focus very clearly on the first two of those sides and forget about the third… Read more

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Making Squats Work For You

Bodybuilders today are still debating on whether squats are beneficial or not. Many fitness experts and squat advocates consider the squat as the best type of exercise, claiming that there is no other type of exercise which comes close to its… Read more

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