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Russian Squat Routine

Russian Squat Routine

A six week cycle, training three times a week, aiming to increase the 1RM by 5%. Alternate light and heavy days are used. The intensity is fixed for the first three weeks, whilst the volume is increased. In the second three… Read more

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Demon Training: The Trevor L. Smith Manifesto

Beyond Failure Training by Trevor L. Smith

It seems every day someone comes along with a new and improved system of weight training scientifically designed to stimulate the muscle fibers unlike any other program ever could. I am so amazed that… Read more

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Beginner Powerlifting Program

Beginner Powerlifting Program.

Max Effort Squat:
1) Max Effort Movement: (Squat or Deadlift Variation:1-3rm, followed by rep work; ex.2×3@80%)
2) Supplemental: Some sort of pull (deadlifts, straight leg deadlifts, Romanian deadlifts,… Read more

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Strongman Training 101, Part 2

Strongman Training 101, Part 2, by Brian King

In part one of Strongman Training 101, we covered in-season and off-season training. Part two will focus on cardio, core/flexibility work, and diet as well as the most important Strongman implements… Read more

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Strongman Training 101, Part 1

Strongman Training 101, Part 1, by Brian King

This article is for the strongman competitor who is just starting to compete and really has no clue about how to train. However, there may be some things that the advanced athlete can use to improve… Read more

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Heavy Peak Antagonist Training Program

Heavy Peak Antagonist Training Program.

(Superset, Peak-Contraction)

Superset #1
Dumbbell Bench Press/One-Arm Dumbbell Rows 8 reps
Superset #2
Dumbbell Flyes/Bent-Over Lateral Raises 6 reps
Superset #3
Arnold Press/Bent-Over… Read more

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Strength Building Workouts

Strength and Development

Think about it. You can achieve power and size in just about 14 weeks. You can increase you bench press by 25 pounds, your squat by 40 pounds, and your deadlift 45 pounds. These increases are variable from person to person, but you can do this with… Read more

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