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Weight Training: I Like Dirt

Mike Gossett

I like dirt! I like grime, sweat, spit, and bugs, and all the other nasty little things you find in my home gym. I like it all for one reason…the atmosphere it creates. Do you really think cavemen survived by…

Bodybuilding Bones To Pick

People often know me for my online rants under my pseudonym Grim83. They view me as angry, or distraught, which I am. But I also do it to get the big points across in a way that you will remember….

How Fast Food Ruined The World

Mike Gossett

When was the last time you went anywhere in the continental USA and didn’t have at least one fast food place within 5 minutes of you? They are everywhere. Hell, I swear they have got little stands in the forests…

Man of Iron? The Truth Is In The Hands

Mike Gossett

There is one universal sign of a man’s work ethic: his hands. I don’t care how big he is, or how strong he appears to be. It’s the hands that tell the story. How hard does he really go? How…

Stength and Muscle: Built Like A Fighter

Mike Gossett

What does a fighter look like? Generally a fighter is lean, strong, and muscular. The general approach to building such a body is to – of course – be a fighter. But there are other paths for those who would…

Muscle Building Specialization Routine With A Kick

Do you have a lagging body part or two? Do you want renewed size in that pain in the neck body part that refuses to grow? Well then, I’ve got the routine for you! Please forgive me for the infomercial…

Building Muscle: Your First Weightlifting Routine

Mike Gossett

Let me start off by welcoming you to weightlifting, and congratulating you on making the change. I remember those days well, and I hope you will revel in it, because I wish I had. And I wish that I had…