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Muscle Building Workouts

20 Rep Squat Routine

This is an altered article showing a Stuart McRobert interpretation of the classic routine for adding size in a hurry, a simple enough version of the 20 rep squat routine:

1.) Situp
2.) Squat, followed immediately by
3.) Light Breathing Pullover… Read more

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Old School Strength Training

Squat The Key Lift

The squat has been labeled a monster by the Journal of American Medical Association (Aug. 1961) and by Prof. Karl Klein of the University of Texas in Sports Illustrated (March 12, 1962). Coaches across the country, who once used squats as a conditioner,… Read more

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Muscle Building

10 Common Bodybuilding Mistakes that Grind Progress to a Halt

Let’s say you want to stop growing. Maybe you don’t want to buy bigger clothes or you’ve become leery of the increased attention your constantly improving physique is receiving. Our fail-safe plan for stagnation focuses… Read more

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Fat Loss Muscle Building

Training Myths: Gain Muscle and Lose Fat by Learning the Truth

Ireland has its leprechauns, Scotland its Loch Ness monster, the Himalayas its Yeti. Every culture has its folklore. And the fitness culture is no different.

Despite the passage of more than a couple of dozen years now, the fitness boom that… Read more

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Muscle Building

Some Ideas About Muscle Gain

First, and foremost, I think that the two most misunderstood and difficult concepts in strength training are 1. fat loss and 2. muscle gain.

The same principles apply to both fat loss and muscle gain. The overriding concern is that either goal… Read more

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Carbs: Eight Eating Tips For Max Gains

Carb confusion is completely out of control. Many well-intentioned but deluded bodybuilders actually believe that one lone bagel will undermine months of dieting.

The plain truth is that carbohydrates are not evil, but you need the inside… Read more

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Old School

Doug Hepburn: The Two Hands Curl

The Two Hands Curl, by Doug Hepburn (1952)

Among the half-dozen of so exercises in which I have always been particularly interested, is the two hands curl. I have always maintained that there is a basic movement which can determine the strength… Read more

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