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Powerlifting Articles

Modern Powerlifting Shatters Old School Stereotypes


Editor’s Note: Article by Rob Engelman from

Powerlifting has often received a bad reputation among those that didn’t partake in the sport. People have been impressed with the incredible strength levelsRead more

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General Articles

3 Tips For Those Who Want Overnight Gym Success

This article was written by Jonathan Byrd, author of the eBook BIG: “Rapidly increase your strength using the BIG strength training system created by top ranked powerlifter Jonathan Byrd.”

Look around you, we live in an instant gratification… Read more

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Strength Building Workouts

SFW! The Swedish Powerbuilding Routine

This workout is by big_swede from the Muscle and Brawn forum.

The last year I have been experimenting alot with different ways to approach my lifting and I’m going to sum it all up in this workout. I am also open for any questions if you have… Read more

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Old School

The Mental Approach

One fact appears to be certain in the weight lifting field: whenever anyone fails to make substantial gains from training, he immediately begins to search for some nonexistent secrets that will assure him of success. He feels that he must find… Read more

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Old School Strength Training

Squat The Key Lift

The squat has been labeled a monster by the Journal of American Medical Association (Aug. 1961) and by Prof. Karl Klein of the University of Texas in Sports Illustrated (March 12, 1962). Coaches across the country, who once used squats as a conditioner,… Read more

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Muscle Building

10 Common Bodybuilding Mistakes that Grind Progress to a Halt

Let’s say you want to stop growing. Maybe you don’t want to buy bigger clothes or you’ve become leery of the increased attention your constantly improving physique is receiving. Our fail-safe plan for stagnation focuses… Read more

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Fat Loss Muscle Building

Training Myths: Gain Muscle and Lose Fat by Learning the Truth

Ireland has its leprechauns, Scotland its Loch Ness monster, the Himalayas its Yeti. Every culture has its folklore. And the fitness culture is no different.

Despite the passage of more than a couple of dozen years now, the fitness boom that… Read more

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