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Making the Change: Narrow Stance to Wide Stance Squats

Since Chuck Vogelpohl from Louie Simmons’ Westside Barbell started smashing world records using a wide stance, many have tried to emulate his super wide foot spacing and shortened range of motion, but only a few have succeeded. Now that people…


How To Build A Dragging Sled

Sled dragging is great GPP/Cardio. Given the choice between running for hours on end or running in short bursts dragging a weight, I know which I’d rather do. Problem is that sleds are expensive and in short supply in the…


How To Make A Ghetto Foam Roller

A while back I made myself a new foam roller out of drain pipe. I took some photos to make a “how-to” guide. “Photo one shows everything that you will need: – A length of drainage pipe (this one is…