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Tony E, also known as Body by Gamma, Has competed in over 15 Strongman/Powerlifting competitions. Best lifts include 360lbs stone, 300lbs Overhead Press, 350 Competition Bench, 525 Competition Squat, 405 Zombie Squat and 630lbs Deadlift. .For more information on Body by gamma, please visit Tony's blog or Youtube channel.
Strength Training

Smash F’ing Weights: How to get Ready for One Rep Max Lift

Smash F’ing Weights

When going to attempt a 1 rep max lift, there are several things you must consider before doing so:

  • Did I sleep well enough this week?
  • Did I eat enough food today?
  • Am I still feel really sore…did I train too hard last
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Strength Training

So You Want to be Strong

So you want to be Strong? Learn the different types of strength.

First things first: knowing the different types of “strength”. One of the most grueling, demanding and toughest sports in the world is the Strongman competition. One of the… Read more

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Strength Training

Hit Those Hamstrings Hard

Hit those Hamstrings Hard!

Sick of waiting in line and relying on machines to hit your hamstrings? Fret no more. Here are my top 5 favorite exercises for the hamstrings. Leave those reverse curls for the girls.

1. Hang Romanian Deficit DeadliftsRead more

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Muscle Building Workouts

The Man Maker Workout: Puke Bucket Ready

I have this crazy conditioning routine I call the MAN MAKER. This is one of my secret training routines. I will disclose it with you. Ready your puke buckets, and hydration sources. This will burn fat, shred your legs, work your lungs and make … Read more

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