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Why Aren’t I Getting Any Bigger?


By John Christy. For more information please visit the John Christy appreciation thread.

Ah, the grand old question of them all. I know I’ve heard it a thousand times. Well, let me give you the reasons why.

1. Your eating is lousy.

I know, I know,… Read more

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New Year’s Resolution Guy: So You Joined The Gym, Now What?


This article by EliteDreams from the MAB Forum.

A new year, a new commitment to live a healthier life. Your goal: to finally look like that one friend who’s always working out.

So you’ve got a gym membership, and maybe even your friends… Read more

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Strength Training

How To Test Your Bench Press One Rep Max


The following article will outline a method of testing your bench press one rep max. Please use the following guidelines to help determine which progression scheme you should use.

  • Novice. You don’t recall the last time you tried to bench
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31 Workout & Fitness Motivation Sayings Applied To Heavy Drinking


You’ve all seen the endless workout and fitness motivational sayings plastered across Facebook and Tumblr ad nauseum. Well it’s time for a change.

These demotivational images take some of the most popular motivational quotes… Read more

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You Know You’re Bulking When…


You know you’re bulking when…

  1. You crap twice a day.
  2. The hot cashier suddenly thinks you’re a pig because all the food you bought isn’t for a party, merely for your heavy squat day…
  3. If your gas can gag a maggot and
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What Does Percentage Of One Rep Max Mean?


What does it mean when a workout calls for you to lift at a certain percentage of your one rep max (also listed as 1RM)? Let’s take a look…

Your one rep max is the most weight you can perform on any given lift for ONLY a single rep. A one … Read more

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100 Reasons Why You Might Be A Gym Asshole


You might be a gym asshole if…

  1. If you put 242 plates on the leg press and perform 1/8 reps while screaming.
  2. You pose in the mirror in-between sets.
  3. You do alternating curls with 20# DB and grunt with each curl, looking around to see if anyone
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