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5×3 Bench Press Program: Increase Your Strength With This Workout

This is an auto-regulating workout routine designed specifically to help you bring your bench press numbers up. Training Level: Intermediate Goal: Increase Strength Split: 4 Day Upper/Lower Duration: Repeatable You can continue to run this program over and over again…


A Complete Guide To 10×10 GVT – German Volume Training

German volume training, or 10 set & 10 rep training, is insanely difficult. Combined with proper food intake, GVT yields incredible gains in muscle size.


6 Muscle Building Keys You Should Never Forget

Key #1 – Stay Consistent This is an obvious, but important rule. If you’re missing more than a handful of workouts each year something has to change. Perhaps you’re simply trying to hit the gym on more days than your…


Powerlifter Burley Hawk from Westside Barbell Talks to MAB

Burley, can you give us a little background. What’s your age and when did you start lifting? I just turned 25. I started lifting weights when I was around 14, started powerlifting about two years ago, and started competing May…


Get Big: A Review Of Jonathan Byrd’s “Big” Workout System

This article was written by MikeM from the Muscle and Brawn Forum. Big is a 10-12 week strength and size program designed by Jonathan Byrd, a nationally ranked powerlifter, that I have used for the past three months and I…


Ten Amazing New Supplements You Absolutely Must Use

This article is by The Big Sleep, Elliot Reimers, from the Muscle and Brawn forum. Ahhh, the supplement industry; rife with products claiming to enhance your physique and performance, but sadly many fall short on the results. I recall giggling…


HICT 7 Minute Workout? Get Real, And Get Results

The latest magical hype swirling around the fitness corner of the Internet is the concept of the “HICT 7 minute workout.” The concept is simple: use only 12 bodyweight exercises over the course of 7 minutes in a high intensity…