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Mick Madden is the primary content writer for Muscle and Brawn.
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Analyzing Powerlifting Meet Performance, Building Future Strength


By Fred Ashford from the MAB Forum.

The meet’s over. This wasn’t your greatest lifting day. You are eager to get back to the gym. But, get back and do what?

The week after a powerlifting meet is a great time to reflect on what went right, what … Read more

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Powerlifting Articles

6 Powerlifting Tactics Which Will Transform Your Training


The old cliché goes that bodybuilders are too busy rubbing their bodies in baby oil and squeezing themselves into a thong to build any real, functional strength while powerlifters are fat, lazy morons who are to dunderheaded to understand… Read more

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Bodybuilding Articles

Methods to Stimulate New Muscle Growth


Have you ever noticed that muscle growth slows to a screeching halt even though you continue to train hard each and every workout? Week in and week out you train harder and harder but have little or nothing to show for all of your efforts.

The problem… Read more

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Is Powerlifting Physically Debilitating?


This article is by Fred Ashford, aka Sandbox from the Muscle and Brawn forum.

Trending opinions come and go in our society – powerlifting included. This summer I read several columns, blogs and articles feeding a current powerlifting opinion:… Read more

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Bodybuilding Articles

Hack Squats: The Forgotten Leg Builder


One of the most overlooked muscle groups in a beginning bodybuilder’s training program is legs. They don’t impress like the chest and arms so beginners make a common mistake and avoid training them, not realizing the overall … Read more

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Strongman Articles

Training the Tire Flip Without a Tire


This article by BruteForce from the MAB forum.

Tire flips. You see them everywhere these days, at the World’s Strongest Man, in crossfit videos, even at high school football training sessions. With the popularity of tire flips in strength… Read more

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Powerlifting Articles

Build a Bigger Squat by Using Proper Assistance Work


This article by Jonathan Byrd from the MAB forum.

I have said countless times that there are thousands of ways to get strong, but some ways are just more efficient than others. In my opinion a lot of progress is stalled by the lack of appropriate… Read more

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