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Arson by Muscle Asylum Project


arsonWhen push comes to shove, and all other attempts to get shredded have failed, you need a scientifically superior fat burner that delivers real results. You need Arson™. The world renowned scientists of the Muscle Asylum Project™ developed this pro-competition strength fat-burner specifically for hardcore bodybuilders who need a mega-dosed kick in the ass to burn fat.

Over three years of intense research and rigorous testing protocols were used to formulate a fat burner so powerful, it’s virtually impossible not to be shocked by its overwhelming, thermogenic and subcutaneous water-depleting effects. This revolutionary formula works to obliterate fat and now you can harness the raw power of Arson to reveal the shredded physique you’ve got buried just beneath the surface.

Arson has been precisely engineered with key ingredients designed to block adenosine receptors and jack up noradrenaline, your key fat-burning hormone, by 40 percent. The revolutionary formula also blocks alpha-2 receptors, helping ensure the fat-burning signal remains at extreme levels so that you can burn fat for longer periods of time.

In fact, the key ingredients in Arson are so effective at burning fat, one university study proved their ability to increase fat oxidation by an incredible 35 percent more than a placebo in just 24 hours (103 vs. 76.2 grams)!

The feeling on Arson is undeniable: a 1,184-mg dose of fat-burning firepower smoldering within you, working to burn fat after each and every serving.

The intense rush of heat serves as a reminder that the shredded physique you’ve been training so hard to attain is beginning to reveal itself one striated muscle fiber at a time. Don’t wait a minute longer – get on Arson today and become more shredded than ever before! 5 Reasons Why Arson is a Superior Fat Burner!

  • The key ingredients have been scientifically proven in a clinical study to increase fat oxidation by 35% in 24 hours!
  • Clinically proven in the same study, Arson’s key components were also shown to increase noradrenaline, you key fat-burning hormone, by 40%!
  • Mega-dosed formula with 15 cutting-edge ingredients delivering 1,184 mg of fat-burning firepower.
  • Formulated with key vasodilating ingredients that rapidly shuttle mobilized fatty acids to your muscles to be burned as fuel.
  • Engineered with Rapid Wave Pulse Technology™ – a revolutionary delivery system that utilizes a precise portion of strategically scaled particles built to invade cellular membranes in rapid chemical priority.
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