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Are You Drinking too Much Water?

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Are you drinking too much water? Heather Gibbons, blogger and certified personal trainer, is exploring this question. Heather states that the symptoms of over-hydration are…constipation, kidney disease, urinary disorders, digestive disorders, degenerative bone disease, premature aging, and unstable blood pressure.

Thank God I gave up the gallon a day habit many, many years ago. First, most of my water bottles were about as sanitary as sucking up street puddles with a bendy straw; second, my bladder was wussy and cried like a girl and third, leaving water bottles to stew in the car or under my arm so that the heated bottle would brew a carcinogenic tea seemed counterproductive to my whole ‘live long and prosper’ life plan with an ‘Into The Wild’ style retirement. Though I’m not overly religious, I also had a hard time buying the statement that when you’re thirsty it’s already too late. ‘The spiritual being of your choice’ did a fine job of orchestrated endocrine systems as well as all that other complex mush of guts, how the heck would thirst – something key to our survival – be the glaring bug in our operating systems? It was all an evil conspiracy by Evian was all I could figure.


  1. I drink a lot, but I don’t think I drink a gallon a day. And when you hit 40, you’re peeing more anyway. You might as well live in teh bathroom if you’re going to drink that much.

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  2. This confirms my long held suspicions. There’s no way that our ancestors evolved to drink a gallon of water a day… we’d have been mauled six times over by a saber toothed tiger half way into our 5th piss of the day. If the pee ain’t sorta yellow, you’re a strange sorta fellow.

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