Anthony Roberts Inside the Supplement Industry

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In his latest post, Anthony Roberts takes us inside the supplement industry. Please read this post, it is well worth your time. Here are a few excerpts…

Oh…and before I forget, I should remind you that nearly every author for Muscular Development, is on at least some nutritional company’s payroll (or owns one) that advertises within the magazine itself. That’s the kind of bias and bullsh*t that dominates the bodybuilding magazine industry, and allows nutritional companies to lie to you on a constant basis. They control the flow of information, so they control what you do and do not see. It’s all biased and bogus – and Muscular Development is far from the only magazine doing this. One magazine even had their science editor caught taking bribes to write positive articles about Victor Conte’s nutritional (ZMA) product…and yes, this guy still writes for the magazine in question. This goes on every day – people are paid or bribed to lie to you about nutritional products.

Even published medical studies are suspect when the nutritional industry pays for them. Ever notice how you see many of the same names, institutions, and universities on supplement studies? That’s because certain groups have a reputation for being “easy to work with” – meaning you’ll get the outcome you ask for. An inside source who has spoken to me on the condition of anonymity has revealed that he was in the room when Dr. Carlton Colker asked a representitive from Twinlab “What do you want the result of the study to be?” referring to an ongoing study on one of their nutritional products…and clearly indicating that he was going to skew the results in favor of the product being tested.

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