Another IFBB Pro Arrested on Steroid Charges

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The state of Oklahoma has nabbed another IFBB pro. Bodybuilder Guy Ducasse has been “indicted on federal steroid distribution and possession charges by a federal grand jury in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Oklahoma.” (source…Millard Baker)

It is alleged that Millard Baker made over $18,000 from the sale fo steroids from 2006 to 2008.

IFBB pro Guy Ducasse is one of several competitive bodybuilders facing charges in the Oklahoma steroids in bodybuilding investigation. NPC bodybuilder Trudy Ireland-Kline, NPC bodybuilder Darrell Terrell, IFBB pro bodybuilder Sherry Smith, NPC bodybuilder Tom Burke,  and NPC bodybuilder Chris Waid.

Chris Goodman, Derrick Davis, Dr. Brad Stahlheber and Dr. Gary Robert Lee are also facing steroid-related charges.

NPC bodybuilder Keith Koppenhaver was also implicated in the Oklahoma steroid investigation when steroids were seized from his home.

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