Anadraulic State GT by LG Sciences

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anadraulic state gtLG Sciences new, long-awaited, reformulated pre-workout product is here!

Not being in the perfect state prior to working out is a problem that robs most people of muscle. Did you know a large part of muscle growth happens at the gym where you are priming each cell for growth? All of the signaling and plumbing for muscle growth is laid in the gym, which is precisely when you lack nutrients. If you want to really grow, being in the perfect state is critical. Sadly, most people ignore this critical time and waste hard earned effort in the gym because of improper nutrient timing. While you are there, if you are not making the most out of every minute, you are robbing yourself of the most critical time to build muscle and making a HUGE mistake in your training.

To get real muscle growth when you workout, you need to be in the perfect state…the Anadraulic State. The Anadraulic State is unlike anything you have ever experienced, it puts your body in the perfect condition to accomplish unparalleled muscle growth while you train. Nothing like it has ever been seen before and nothing rivals the pure power and intensity of a man in the Anadraulic State. This muscle building pre-workout product is in a league of its own…

Anadraulic State is the first pre-workout product made exclusively to build the key androgenic compounds needed for extreme muscle growth along with the perfect blend of nutrients that will put your muscles in an anabolic state…the Anadraulic State!

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