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Anabolic Halo: MuscleTech Pushing Supplement Advertising Over the Edge


This is a rant. I’m sure this fact will be more then obvious in several seconds. So let’s dig in.

MuscleTech has lost its freaking mind, and their latest supplement advertisement for Anabolic Halo is proof. Here are some excepts, so you can catch up to speed. For the full ad, check out this forum post.

The cryogenic technology processes key ingredients into enhanced matter states. The anabolic charge invades and engulfs your muscles. It crushes catabolism and commands your muscles to grow.

The cryo-anabolic post-workout growth-inducing event invades your muscles and engages an anabolic uprising within them – leaving them with no choice but to grow!

The most hardcore anabolic supplement on the planet.

ANABOLIC HALO™ is designed to throw muscles into the most hardcore, anabolic state they’ve ever been in.

Team MuscleTech researchers actually found a way to drive anabolically active testosterone directly into your muscle at the cellular level!

Hyper-potent ANABOLIC HALO™ formula is quickly driven into your muscle cells to force a supremely powerful anabolic state!

Get on, get anabolic, and get ridiculously huge – now!

These quotes come from a single advertisement for Anabolic Halo. And they are by far the most over-hyped, ridiculous and blatantly false supplements claims I have ever read. Let’s recap.

On Anabolic Halo, you will get ridiculously huge! Anabolic Halo puts your body into a supremely powerful anabolic state! Anabolic Halo is the most powerful anabolic supplement in the known universe! Anabolic Halo forces your muscle to grow!

On and on and on we go.

This ad reveals a reality that you need to pay attention to…MuscleTech doesn’t care about anything other then stealing your money, and you shouldn’t trust any of their products. Once a poison gets injected into your system, it kills the entire body.

Obviously MuscleTech is infested with a poison. And this poison is hiding behind every supplement product they sell. They have crossed the line into huckster territory. MuscleTech has become a snake oil saleman.

Certainly, Muscletech must be selling some supplements that have value. But to give your money to a supplement company that is so blatantly serving up bullshit…well, a fool and their money soon will part.

So, while you’re out purchasing Anabolic Halo on some random Internet supplement store, please also consider purchasing a penis enlargement pump, $600 worth of SDI-Labs supplements, and a neckline slimmer!

Or better yet, just Paypal me your cash. I’ll put it to better use.

Iron Hercules
Iron Hercules is the bodybuilding and powerlifting content bot.

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