AL-I Life Defender by Anabolic Addiction

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AL-I Life Defender Anabolic AddictionAL-I Life Defender is an immune system support supplement designed to support everyone from your typical couch potato to the avid athlete.

Just a few of the key ingredients in AL-I Life Defender:

ARA 6 – This immune enhancing ingredient is a light blended powder from the Western Larch tree. This powder is so fine, that it allows for quick absorption into your system. By doing this, ARA 6 goes to work immediately to help your body protect you from foreign elements that may attack your immune system. The primary element of ARA 6 is the polysaccharides called Arabinogalactans. These high-molecular weight polysaccharides support the up-regulating critical aspects of the immune system and allowing our system to create a solid defense.

Graviola – Graviola tree leaves have been used traditionally for their various therapeutic properties. Acetogenins, the active element of Graviola, have been shown to help support the growth and function of healthy cells and help promote a whole body calming effect and enhances a positive mood of well being. When your body can stay at a positive level/mood, the less stress on our immune system allows us to fight off foreign elements in a timely manner.

Mushroom Complex – For thousands of years different cultures have been enjoying the benefits of mushrooms. Maitake, Shiitake, and Reishi are just a few of the very well know mushrooms that have outstanding benefits for the human body. With overlapping properties – The Maitake, Shiitake, and Reishi mushrooms are combined to support the immune system and cardiovascular health. At the same time, each has its own special area that they address:

Maitake – stomach/intestinal health

Shiitake – nutritional deficiencies/liver ailments

Reishi – respiratory health/spirituality

Cat’s Claw – The bark and root of the Cat’s Claw have been researched/documented to enhance the immune system. Cat’s Claw contains seven different alkaloids that are credited with having a variety of different medicinal and healing support properties within the human body.

Beta-Glucan, Lycopene, Pomegranate, & Quercetin….and MANY MORE!

*** Purchase AL-I Life Defender Now ***

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