About Glutamine

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Glutamine is the most prolific amino acid found in muscle tissue. It is a popular bodybuilding and fitness supplement because of the possibility that glutamine levels are diminished during weight training workouts. It’s speculated that decreased glutamine levels can lead to an increase in muscle catabolism, or a slowing of the muscle recovery and/or growth processes.

Recent studies have revealed that prolonged glutamine supplementation results in a faster rate of muscle growth while on a progressive resistance training routine.

Glutamine is food in most protein foods, including eggs, beef, chicken, milk and dairy products. It is also found in numerous vegetables, including beets, parsley, beans, cabbage and spinach. Wheat is also a good source of glutamine.

In the body, glutamine has several important functions. It plays an important role in protein synthesis, it assists in proper immune system functioning, and it aids in preventing cortisol related protein catabolism.

Glutamine supplementation is generally considered safe, as there are no known short term or long term adverse side effects. However, as with all things, excessive supplementation is not recommended.

Other benefits from glutamine supplementation include maintenance of proper cell hydration and volume, and increase in growth hormone levels, and it’s amazing ability to cure ulcers.

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