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    Both the scourge and the endura are marketed as tenno weapons. However, when I look at these weapons, I don’t see them being of tenno design.

    Tigris is a tenno weapon. Boltor is a tenno weapon. Sybaris is a tenno weapon.

    Many of these tenno weapons have a similar thread to their designs, which is a combination of wood and polished metal that is reminiscent of fine guns and gunsmiths from the past. In short, they’re the kind of guns real-life people today might have on display.

    Tenno melee weapons are also in the niche of what might be considered ‘masterwork’ weapons today; the nikanas represent the famous katana, the tipedo and the tonbo represent older polearms used in some martial arts, etc.

    The scourge and the endura, however, take a different thread. The endura’s diversion is quite obvious; its twin rapier blades are tipped in suspiciously organic looking claws. The hilt also has small, leaf-shaped bits that aren’t rigidly attatched to the weapon; they will move about 3D Rendering Services as if being carried by a breeze. At first I thought it was an infested weapon, but it doesn’t have the same look that the existing infested weapons do either; dual ichor and mios to name two are nasty, malicious looking things that seem to have been carved out of meat, fat and bone.

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    What game is that?

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