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    Just a little Saturday work as I rebound from the broken arm to get back into powerlifting. Nothing but squats today!!

    185 x 12; 225 x 8; 275 x 6; (315 x 2) x 3 (275 x 4) x 3

    That was enough, still a little fatigued from Wednesday’s leg day.

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    Monday’s Chest/Shoulders/Triceps

    Still restricted to no more than 50 pounds in my right arm until my next doctor appointment but dang I’m trying to make that lightweight challenging, lol

    Rising Hammer Press
    (8 positions from flat to 90 degrees)
    25s x 16 at each degree, Arnold presses at the top two positions

    Bench Press super-setted with DB presses
    BP: (95 x 12) x 5
    DB: (25s x 12) x 5

    Incline Press super-setted with DB Presses
    IB: (95 x 12) x 5
    DB: (25s x 12) x 5

    Decline Press super-setted with DB Presses
    DP: (95 x 12) x 5
    DB: (25s x 12) x 5

    Arnold Presses
    (30s x 10) x 3

    Lateral Raises
    (15s x 16) x 3

    Standing Shoulder Fly’s
    (15s X 10) x 4

    Rope Pushdowns
    20x 16; 30 x 14; 40 x 12; 20 x 20

    Still a bit disappointing with the restricted weight but my broken bones are healing and I’m doing the best I can. I miss powerlifting training but I’ll try to rebuild as much muscle mass as I can in the meantime and strengthen the muscles once the doctor clears me.

    A three video IG post showing some bench pressing

    (^^Video Test through IG^^)

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    Tuesday’s Back and Bicep session

    Three grip lat pulldown (wide/narrow/palms in)
    W: 70 x 12; 80 x 12; (90×12)x3
    N: 80x 12; 90 x 12; (100 x 12) x4
    PI: 80 x 12; 90 x 12; (100 x 10) x 4

    Seated Cable Row
    70 x 12; 80 x 12; 90 x 12; (100 x 12) x 4

    Bent Rows
    (95 x 12) x 4

    Double paused Deadlifts
    pause below the knee on way up, above the knee on way down)
    (95 x 12) x 4

    Standing Curls
    10s x 12; 15s X 16; 20s x 16; 25s x 10; 30s x 6 – wrist feeling stronger

    Falling bench (elbows out) rows super-setted with incline curls
    BR: (30s x 12) 45/30/15 degrees
    IC: (20s x 12) each angle

    Falling bench rows (elbows in) super-setted with incline tw curls
    BR: ( 30s x 12) each angle
    IC: (20s x 12) each angle

    I hate the restricted weight limit but I’m loving being back in the gym. Hopefully I’m down to my last 5 weeks of restricted lifting!!

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    Wednesday Squat session

    Not much of a session but I’m beginning to regain a little leg strength.

    Warmed up with leg extensions/curls/presses and some work with a hip band.

    135 x 12; 185 x 8; 225 x 6; 275 x 2; 315 x 2; (275 x 5) x 5

    that was it, can’t wait to switch back to an upper/lower split. Five more weeks. I hope its just five more weeks.

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    Still grinding out pretty much the same rebuilding workout. Two weeks and two days before I go back to the doctor. Expecting to be cleared by that point, taking it easy so I don’t do anything to cause me to start over on the healing process..

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    Just wanted to check in

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    Some have moved off forums altogether, but others have gone to <- MikeD created it as a “MAB in spirit”, because the original is clearly never going to be recovered.

    Hope to see you there. :)


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