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    I am implementing edge detection on fpga using nios2 processor. I want to do custom instruction for sobel algorithm. Idea is that I will take pixel values (3*3 matrix at a time) as a input for custom instruction and it will give me final pixel value . But Question is that custom instruction provide only 2 inputs and i want to generate custom instruction which has 9 inputs. So can anyone guide me how to generate custom instruction in nios which has more than 2 inputs?
    When I saw that in the includes list, both bsps where present, I tried to remove the one not concerning the current build: unsuccessful!
    I thus went to the project properties and opened the “paths and symbols” tab under “C/C++ general” and tried to remove the unwanted paths: unsuccessful!
    They all are “built-in values” and no way to remove them, even not to change the order.

    I didn’t find the right solution from the internet.
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