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    I am looking to buy a used server for home use so i can create a virtualized environment of windows server and exchange to practice for microsoft exams. I also want to get familiar with server hardware as i have no experience with it. I plan to use VmWare Esxi and install multiple Windows 2008 VMs on it.
    I am confused about the server types and i will appreciate if someone can help me with a few questions about server hardware.
    There are IBM, Dell and HP servers available in my local market for reasonable price.
    Should the processor be dual or quad core or more to have a reasonable performance with lets say 5 VMs on Esxi? What difference does it make to have a raid controller? Do I need a KVM switch or can I just plug keyboard, Mouse and monitor into server ports to make it work with VMware Esxi? I suppose DDR2 RAM will be good enough?

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