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    So we were given 2 months notice to move out of a flat. Now given where we are we can’t just take our time and if we don’t find anywhere just move back to parents.

    So we had to find somewhere as quick as possible, we’ve found somewhere, they accepted a move in date of 28th April, them giving 2 months notice was untill the 31st May.

    The landlord has told us if we stayed untill say 1st week in May, we’d get refunded the rest of the rent for May.

    Now the agent has said they will need to contact the landlady to to see if we’re ok to move out at the end of April and if it’s not ok they can make us pay up untill the end of May?? Surely that’s not ok when we have been told to move out.

    Now we’ve advised them of us moving out on the 12th April, the landlady wants to move back in on the 31st May, they’ve messed our plans up, the agent says it’s not our fault they even said if we find a property with them they’d try reduce the fees, however we’ve not found one with them all their properties were naff.

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