Is there a IPC limit or a point of diminishing return?

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    In the case of a single core, is there a theoretical limit on how much ipc can be achieved before we hit a wall? If there is no limit and IPC can continuously increase provided we keep throwing transistors at the cpu, is there a point of diminishing return in which adding transistors becomes just too expensive? Example, increasing cpu transistor by 100% increase IPC by 1%.
    This is not a thread about which CPU company is best. I am not interested in how amazing a certain company’s process and research technology is and I am not interested to known when you think a company will go out of business.
    I am just interested in the above question because I am curious to learn at what point does the iGPU becomes more important than the iCPU. Does the iGPU scale better with the added transistor than the iCPU?

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