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    I figured this section would be best for getting some answers about kettlebells… hope I’m right lol

    I’ve been offered a CHEAP set of kettlebells 12kg, 16kg, 20kg, 24kg and 32kg pairs.

    I’ve been out of training for a while now. I can’t get to a gym consistently, my local gym is a small fitness studio. The only weights they have are a few machines and a small rack of dumbbell.

    It’s frustrating not being able to lift weight…

    I feel stupid asking this question because it seems fairly obvious.. But there isn’t a whole lot of information on building muscle with kettlebells.

    With that set of kettlebells and a simple folding bench I should be able to have a well rounded routine for building strength and muscle ?

    Anyone on here made good gains with kettlebells ?
    Please help.


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