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    I’m experiencing weird BSOD crashes whenever I’m playing demanding games such as GTA 5. It usually takes about 30 minutes for the BSOD to occur and it occurs everytime. My PC is a month old and this has been taking place the last 12 days. I have everything updated (BIOS + drivers), hardware properly installed and configured, CPU temps never surpass 60 degrees and there is good airflow in my case (which means that it’s not a case of increasing temperature).
    The BSOD says “0000000×124”. I’ve checked the dmp files and they don’t make that much sense. I’ve also run a memtest and it didn’t come up with any problems. I also have an identical rig with the same identical components and it never experiences a BSOD. That’s what makes the entire situation really weird. If it really is a hardware problem I’m practically 100 percent unable to find it out. I’ve run out of ideas. Exchanged components with that rig and same thing. BSOD. I need some serious help.

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