Bad-ass Caching SSD+HDD through NVMe 960 EVO 250GB

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    So goes the VOLVO commercial. And so goes my car-racing simulations and anything else. This system smokes, man! I think I want to smoke something to celebrate! Real street-racing is illegal, but now we have Proposition 64 in California.
    We-ull, Pilgrims! My project was a rave success! Mr. Spock? Warp Speed! Aye, aye, Captain Kirk! Engage NVMe drive!
    INGREDIENTS: PrimoCache from Romex, Windows 7 64-bit SP1, 250GB 960 EVO NVMe in a Lycom PCI-E card and x4 slot, DDR4-3200 RAM, SATA SSD boot-system disk, SATA HDD “programs and data” disk.

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