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    I hate the phrase and everything it infers…BUT…. there comes a time when your skin just shouts enough of salt water, neoprene, sun, and sand. Even if you make the concession of plastering yourself with suncreams ,they just pour into your eyes together with sweat and sea water, such that you cannot see where you are going, and end up crashing and inflicting a huge gash from a sharp fin……. instead of risking skin cancer!

    Anyway I have had to concede that some of the thousands of products in my wife’s dressing table actually do work! This is my list……..what do you use?

    1. When showering I use a brush ( and handle) plus some stuff with scratchy bits in it which apparently removes all your dead skin. Anyway you end up quite highly polished; and skin regularly exposed to the sun like your arms and legs no longer looks like crocodile skin. I started getting problems with an itchy neck and hairline….regular use of the brush has resolved that. There is a masculine side to this activity because it does actually make you feel a bit raw under the hot water for a few minutes…..there is a little pain involved so that’s OK then.
    2. Liberal coatings of Aloe Vera seems to help counteract the drying effect of the wind and sun on your face arms and legs. This stuff is dirt cheap but very effective. It also helps soften callouses on your hands.

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