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    I posted a little while ago saying I was planning to get back in the sport after some lessons and I bought some gear.
    Well, that’s all done and have been out a few times now at Sandbanks where Poole Windsurfing and H20 park their vans and managed to at least stand up and go forward for more than a minute. So, hardly Olympic class stuff but better than I was.
    I’m committed (or need committing) to try and get out weekly if I can through the year and was wondering if there is anybody else who might be interested in having a weekly Sunday meet from around 11am to sail, compare notes, socialise, moan, complain, whinge and other fun things? The plan would be to make it very informal with no one leading it per say (although I’m happy to organise it and get it moving) but it would be a chance to have a get together where people can come and go as they please. If it works it could work out just fine, if it doesn’t then it would have been worth a shot.

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