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5 Best Natural Testosterone Supplements

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Looking to charge up your workouts and gain more mass? Tired of spending hours in the gym and not seeing the results you think you deserve?

Or, perhaps you’re not as concerned with muscle building, but have noticed in the last few months or years, your sex life has taken a turn for the worse. Whether you’re experiencing sexual dysfunction or you simply aren’t in the mood like you used to be, you are looking for a fast fix to this problem.

In your search for remedies to either of these problems, you will likely come across a product called a ‘testosterone booster’.

Since testosterone is the primary hormone that makes you a man, it’s one that you will want to really focus hard on, making sure you have enough of it in your system.

As the aging process takes place however, it’s normal for men to see a decline in their testosterone levels. As such, if you aren’t taking steps to remedy the situation, you’ll be in for more of the same ahead.

Let’s introduce to you the top five products that can help you solve these problems in a hurry. Each has a slightly different design and will enable you to start feeling how you should and build serious mass.

testo-fuel1#1: TestoFuel

Topping the list as the number one rated product to consider is TestoFuel. This produce has been designed for men of all ages and is going to help work naturally with your body to increase the levels that you already possess.

It contains key ingredients – both natural nutrients as well as herbal ingredients to give you the best of both worlds. Unlike many products that don’t list their full concentration amounts, with TestoFuel, you know exactly what you’re putting into your body with each dose you take and we see that this is one of the most concentrated products out on the market today.

This product will boast a long line-up of effective ingredients including vitamin D, oyster extract, fenugreek, D-Aspartic Acid, Ginseng, and the popular ZMA combination.

One study published in the Olympic journal noted that when researchers assessed two control groups, one using ZMA supplements and another not, while both groups showed strength gains after doing resistance training, only the ZMA group showed increases in the anabolic hormone levels in their body.

The unique combination of ingredients will help you to accelerate mass gain and strength building results, boost your libido level, improve your sleep quality, and will help keep you leaner as well.

For complete support, this is the testosterone booster to choose.

maxx-test#2: Maxx Test 300

This testosterone booster is one that is specifically designed for men who have lost their sex drive and want to gain a boost to their libido. It’ll still help out with mass building, but not quite to the same extent as TestoFuel noted above.

This product also comes with Alpha Lipoic Acid, which can help to slow down the sign of aging, so is a good option for men in their later years. It’s a herbal based ingredient, so you’ll miss out on the vitamins that are found in TestoFuel, but for those looking for a more minimalist product, it’s a good choice.

testrovax#3: TestroVax

Coming in at third place on our list of testosterone booster is TestroVax. This product is also designed for men who want more muscle mass as well as a boost to their libido and contains a number of herbal ingredients to help you achieve success.

The product is listed as a proprietary blend, so you can’t be too sure how much of each ingredient you are getting, but from the look of the line-up, it does appear to contain many active ingredients and not a lot of ‘filler’ ingredients found in other products.

You’ll take in D-Aspartic Acid, Fenugreek, Resveratrol Damiana, and vitamin B6, B 12, and folic acid to name a few of the key ingredients.

This product is designed to simply enhance the health and testosterone release of an otherwise healthy individual, so you’ll want to make sure that you aren’t at incredibly low levels to start with.

formula-10#4: Formula 10

As the name suggests, formula 10 comes with a line-up of 10 different ingredients, all aimed to help build the male physique. A few of the key benefits this product will assist with include increased lean muscle mass generation, improved body composition, increased sleep quality, and more energy on a day to day basis.

This product also has a thermogenic effect in the body, so can be a good option for men who also need to lose weight as they strive to boost their testosterone levels.

Take note that for this reason, it’s best for those who are more concerned with leaning down than bulking up.

#5: ZMA

Finally, the last testosterone boosting product that comes in as a top rated one to consider is a simple ZMA product. While this one doesn’t come with quite the fancy claims that others do, it’s been proven effective for increasing testosterone levels and improving sleep quality as well.

For those who are on a limited budget and may not be able to afford the mixed products listed above, ZMA is a superior choice. While you won’t see as great of results as would you with say TestoFuel since it not only contains ZMA, but other ingredients as well, at least you can get some benefits by opting for a straight ZMA product.

Any brand should do as long as it contains at least 10m of zinc, 5 mg of vitamin B6, as well as 200 mg of magnesium.

Remember, when selecting any testosterone booster, you’ll want to consider what your primary needs are along with how sensitive you are to various ingredients (and potential side effects) to help make the most informed and safe choice for your body.

Other Considerations To Elevate Your Testosterone Level

Now that you’ve hopefully selected whatever testosterone booster you feel will best help you move forward to reach your goals, it’s time to take into account the other things that you can be doing to help naturally elevate your production.

Each and every thing you do on a day to day basis will influence your own natural production, so it pays to be doing things properly.

Here’s what to know.

Lift heavy – First, make sure when you hit the gym, you give 110%. You want to note only focus on lifting the heaviest amount of weight you can to enable great testosterone release and strength gains, but also make sure that you are keeping your rest periods shorter as well.

This will elevate the entire intensity level of the workout, which prompt both a testosterone as well as a growth hormone release. Two powerful hormones for mass gains.

You might try adding in some HIIT cardio training as well, but do avoid long duration endurance work. That will only cause your testosterone levels to decline if nothing else.

Sleep well – Next, make sure you’re logging at least 8 hours of sleep each night. Lack of sleep not only has a detrimental impact on the release of testosterone, but in addition to that, can also encourage the accumulation of body fat in the stomach region.

One study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism noted that when subjects had their sleep interrupted, they noticed a lower total level of increase in testosterone hormones during the initial sleep phase.

Clearly not desirable for looking and feeling your best.

Diet properly – The foods you eat will also have a strong influence on your natural release. First, don’t crash diet. Crash dieting will cause your testosterone level to tank in no time, so this must be avoided. Second, make sure you’re eating enough healthy fats in your plan as well, including a small dose of saturated fats. These fats are required for proper testosterone generation.

Lastly, eat your greens. You’ve heard it time and time before and while these won’t pack in loads of calories to prompt muscle gain, they do help you maintain a better hormonal status in your body while keeping estrogen lower.

Win-win for mass gains.

Feed your libido – Engaging in regular sexual activity is also a must. Regular sex will cause your testosterone level to increase, which will then boost your desire even further, which then prompts more sex, and the cycle continues.

Get busy and you’ll find you want to keep at it more regularly.

Take care of stress – Finally, make sure you are taking measures to combat your stress level. High levels of stress are one of the worst things for your testosterone release, as was demonstrated by a study published in the Archives Of General Psychiatry. Researchers noted that when subjects partaking in the most stressful section of course studies were assessed, it was noted that their testosterone concentration was much lower than normal.

If you don’t cut back for hormonal releases, cut back for your overall health instead as high levels of stress are linked to high blood pressure and heart problems.

So there you have the main points to know about how you can get past the current situation you’re in where muscle building is hard to come by and you just don’t quite feel like yourself any longer. Do these and you will be feeling better and looking better in no time.


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